Tuesday, November 21, 2006

archivng world's dawn choruses

Earth's vibrational mirrororings:
>>dawn chorus clusters stitched by cellphone-to-compuer-hard drive-Internet<<<
author: http://leif-brush.info/
This intercepting conceptual model pro-jects international "coverage" using local cellphone (http://earthguest.net/chainedstitch.htm#anchor100917 ) to overhear, say,  a bird migration, or an Alberta Clipper originating above the Arctic Circle which is in direct conflict with a rising southern warm front in twists , sprawling collisions over provinces and states. Phenomena occurrences are monitorable from many points along latitudinal and longitudinal positions. Audio-mirroring of specified coordinates, synchronized as to day, date, WWV or GPS time code, will be by cell phones in realtime monitoring unique wind as on-call throughput sources to the Internet. Synchronous listening would be monitor-able using different 4-up web browsers from many coordinated Earth sites. Alternatively, individuals could listen-in on any current number of specified sequences; or, simultaneously line all the cue-tones on their multiple software tracks and later spatially listen to the full complement of sounding details from major migrations and/or Earth-caused vibrations(http://freetoears.net ). Computers generally will be able to give and take, with each collecting cellphone clusters (http://earthguest.net/chainedstitch.htm#anchor100917 ) or giving any realtime "cluster(s)" as passaroundsounds. http://earthguest.net/wwwwhw123.htm#anchor479827